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June 12, 2019

Three ways to work through sentimental clutter

By Cameron Early, Managing Director at Golden Years Home Transitions, our Lead Home Transition Professionals at Heather Hill Pathways.

It’s relatively easy to throw out the old fondue set we never use, or get rid of clothing three sizes too small, but how do we let go of the possessions that hold our memories?

Here are three ways you can work towards letting go…

1. Free yourself from obligation. Gifts, heirlooms, and other people’s memorabilia can make you feel guilty for even thinking of getting rid of it! Aunt Joan’s spoon collection, the ugly vase your sister gave you one Christmas, drawings from when the children were young – it’s natural to feel like we have to keep it all, but it’s absolutely ok to let it go if it has become a burden. Find someone else in the family who might love the spoon collection, ask the kids if they want to come pick up the artwork, donate the vase, and enjoy the objects you consciously choose to keep.

2. Preserve the memory in a different way. Depending on the item, there is likely to be a low clutter method you can use. Digital photos are a fantastic way of creating a record that doesn’t take up space. A piece of writing or a voice recording talking about the story attached to an item before you let it go is a lovely way to honour both the object and your memory. Keeping one or two very special items from a collection can allow them to be displayed and enjoyed, rather than stored away.

3. Allocate space to honour the most important pieces. If you keep everything, nothing is special. A selection of photos on display is able to be enjoyed – several boxes of photo albums mildewing in the spare room isn’t! Treat your home like an art gallery of memories, rather than a storage unit, and enjoy seeing the objects you love every day.

The process of decluttering our physical spaces can do so much to elevate the rest of our lives! Freshness flows through new spaces and the things we draw the most joy and inspiration from can now hold more of our attention. Things get lighter which can add the clarity of how that can happen in many areas. Golden Years knows what a big project it can be, and we also know how worthwhile it really is. That is why we offer a free consultation with our clients to help them feel confident beginning this process.

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