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Heather Hill Pathways will help you and your family find the perfect retirement village or aged care facility to meet your lifestyle goals and needs.

Heather Hill Pathways has worked with over 500+ families across South-East Queensland to provide peace of mind when transitioning into retirement villages and aged care facilities.

Whether you are looking to stay at home longer, transition into a retirement village or aged care facility, or move to a more suitable aged care facility, our team of dedicated Pathways Facilitators (who are all Registered Nurses with over 15 years experience) will seamlessly walk with you through the process.

Our team of Pathways Partners (who we have individually vetted for service quality), can help you with all aspects of the transition including legal documentation, financial planning, counselling, family mediation and relocation logistics.

Impartial & Objective Solutions - We Don't Receive Referral Fees!


Here are 6 key differences that make Heather Hill Pathways the best choice for you and your family.

1. We provide completely impartial & independent placement advice

We don’t receive cash incentives from any retirement village or aged care provider, so we aren’t influenced by anything other than the best fit for our client.

2. We are partnered with the best aged care industry professionals

By being the first placement consultant to recognise the range of professional services required in later life transitions, we were able to partner with the best-of-the-best in law, financial planning, counselling, mediation and home relocations.

3. We do not receive referral fees, we select our Pathways Partners solely on their expertise

We don’t receive cash incentives from our referral partners (eg. financial planners, lawyers, counsellors, mediators, home relocation professionals), so we only refer to those we know will provide the best service, and only when we honestly believe you will benefit from it.

4. We have inside information on nurse ratios & care levels at hundreds of facilities

Our partner organisation Heather Hill Nursing Agency has provided agency nursing staff to hundreds of facilities over the past 15 years, which gives us an unparalleled insight into facilities and information on care provision.

5. You will have a dedicated Registered Nurse manage your service from start to finish

We know the value in having a facilitator with a strong clinical background and experience in the aged care sector. All our Pathways Facilitators are Registered Nurses with a minimum of 15 years experience in residential aged care.

We don’t provide our services solely over the phone, and you won’t ever have to deal with anyone other than your assigned Pathways Facilitator, who knows your unique situation.

6. We don't charge ongoing membership fees for services that you won't ever need

We know that when we get the right plan in place the first time, there isn’t a second time.

We Step You Through The Aged Care Maze


All of our services can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, but here is an idea of what you can expect from our Retirement & Aged Care Transitions Package service.



Contact Us online or call our Team on 1300 227 949.

Phone Call

Our Pathways Coordinator, who is a specialist aged care Registered Nurse with over 15 years experience, will call to discuss your confidential enquiry and, if necessary, organise a time for a one-on-one meeting with your own personal Pathways Facilitator.


As a specialist aged care Registered Nurse, your Pathways Facilitator can provide unparalleled insight into the inner workings of facilities & their provision of care.

Applications & Priority Placement

Your Pathways Facilitator will assist you through the entire process from identifying your government eligibility for services and benefits, completing pre-admission paperwork, advocating for priority placement, and liasing with you regularly through the admission process.

Expert Aged Care Partners

Your Pathways Facilitiator will coordinate any necessary meetings for you with our expert Aged Care Partners, identified during the initial meeting (such as with our Lawyers, Financial Planners, Counsellors, Mediators or Home Transition Professionals).

Post-Move Review

Your Pathways Facilitator will touch base with you after your move to ensure a good match with your chosen facility.

"Having a team of aged care experts managing the entire process of moving mum into a nursing home provided my husband and I with great peace of mind" - V. Cooper


Our services are flexible and can be tailored to suit you and your families needs.  Here is a sample of our most popular services.

Staying Home Longer

Continue to live independently with private or funded home care packages

Proactive Care Planning

Proactively become informed & empower yourself about the aged care planning process

Pathways Partners

Our expert Pathways Partners include lawyers, financial planners, counsellors, mediators & relocation professionals

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Heather Hill Pathways - Navigating the Aged Care Maze