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November 6, 2014
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Professor Dale Bagshaw Elder Mediation Training

By Tom Stodulka, Lead Mediation Professional, Heather Hill Pathways.

I recently attended the 3 day ‘Professor Dale Bagshaw Elder Mediation’ training course at the University of South Australia between 27-29 March 2015.  The course included presenters from most Australian jurisdictions and a wide variety of fields including academics, lawyers, practitioners and members of the Offices of the Public Advocate and Guardianship Tribunals.

Topics covered included Human Rights, Ageing and the Law, Dementia and Ageing, Cultural Diversity, Abuse and Neglect, Aged Care Residential Industry, Guardianship, Financial Management, Ethics and a Code of Professional Conduct.

Along with other Australian mediators I am a proud member of the Elder Mediation Australasian Network (EMAN) which has close links with the Elder Mediation International Networtk (EMIN) based in Canada.  I am passionate about collaboratively and compassionately resolving family disputes and disagreements particularly where they are concerned with ageing issues to ensure that positive family relationships are preserved.

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