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October 21, 2016
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December 23, 2016

Not All Pathways Lead to Aged Care

One of our most recent Heather Hill Pathways clients, Mary, was a 91 year young lady who had been living in the same home for the last 70 years.  More recently she was becoming a little more frail and her doctor had recommended that it was time for her to start thinking about her care options.  We were fortunate enough to be asked to assist this incredibly young at heart lady with this task.

Despite Mary’s increased frailty, her wit and charm were undiminished and she could have charmed the crown off the Queen.  She was living in a beautiful home with a showroom of exquisite furniture that she ached at the thought of parting with and, more importantly, with a young male of the furry variety, George, whose devotion to his lady over the last 15 years was stronger than ever.  Mary was understandably very upset by the thought of losing her home and her furry companion.

We visited Mary in her home and suggested that a purpose built retirement village independent living unit could be an option for her.  The key benefits for Mary with this option was that it would allow her to keep George living with her and allow her to bring many more of her personal items and furniture across with her.

Whilst Mary was visiting our shortlisted villages we applied for and organized a community care package to be delivered in Mary’s home.  Importantly the villages that we shortlisted all had on-site supported accommodation services which would allow her get the most out of her care packages down the track should her care needs increase whilst not having to leave the village itself.

Mary selected a village close to her existing home and moved in with George around six months ago.  She is delighted.  The village has a medical centre, lots of activities, a restaurant on-site for meals if she wants and a cleaning service that she has been utilizing as she now simply doesn’t have the time to clean with everything she’s involved with at the village.  George’s tail continues to wag firmly as well so we suspect the delight is mutual.

The message from Mary’s case is important and one we stress with all of our clients.  There are lots of care options available and with the right advice and assistance you can have it all.  Whilst aged care is the appropriate option for many clients it is not the only pathway available and not always the best suited for every client.

If you would like to find the best care pathway for you, Contact Us to speak with one of our friendly Pathways Facilitators.


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