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December 23, 2016
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Feeling Hot Hot Hot – Plan for the Heat

Heat Wave

Summer has certainly arrived here in Australia, with many of us across the country experiencing a heatwave this week.  Heatwaves apparently kill more Australians than any other natural hazard (like bushfires, cyclones and floods) so it’s time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to minimize this statistic – particularly for elderly or less independent loved ones, friends, and neighbours.

Here’s a helpful list of what you can do to manage the heat this summer.*

  • Drink More Water – at least two to three litres a day
  • Check on family, friends and neighbours – keep an eye on those around you, particularly the elderly and the sick.  Also don’t forget your or their pets.  Make sure you arrange for someone to do this at lease twice a day.
  • Wear light clothing light in weight (cottons, Bamboo etc) and colour (white rather than black) can help you stay cool.  Read more about the benefits of bamboo clothing at Timeless by Heather Hill.
  • Limit time in the sun – an obvious one, but important when the pool is calling.  Wear sunscreen, shirt, hat and sunglasses.
  • Pull your curtains – simply drawing your curtains/blinds to keep the sun out of your home can help keep your house cooler.
  • Find Air-conditioning – if you have it in your home, use it.  If you don’t, make sure you find somewhere that does, like the cinema or shopping centre.
  • Know the signs for heat stress – symptoms of heat stress include extremely heavy sweating, headache, vomiting, confusion, swollen tongue.  If you see these signs, call for help immediately.

What’s your favourite way to manage the heat this summer?

Stay cool, and carry on!

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