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Heather Hill Pathways can help your Facility outperform its competitors, and ensure it exceeds current and future market expectations, through a range of flexible corporate services.

Heather Hill Pathways has a proven track record assisting large aged care providers, governments and hospitals with a range of flexible Aged Care Consulting solutions.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience at our disposal, with all our Pathways Facilitators each having over 15 years experience in aged care.  Our team includes ex-Facility Managers, Clinical Managers and Registered Nurses, who all have a diverse range of skills and experience.

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Relocation Placement Services

Seamless transitions when closing, renovating or redeveloping an Aged Care Facility or Retirement Village

Managing change effectively, particularly when involving Seniors, is crucial.

Our Relocation Placement Service ensures that your residents and their families receive a seamless and stress-free transition to alternative aged care accommodation, with minimal disruption to your Facility.

Using our proven system, we work with your Management and Clinical Teams, your residents and their families to source, evaluate and relocate residents to suitable alternative accommodation within (if not ahead) of the designated time frame.

Our Relocation Placement Service has been utilised by Facilities and Hospitals that are either closing, renovating or developing.

Resident Transition Services

Seamlessly transition residents to higher levels of care within your Facility

When residents’ care needs increase, there can sometimes be reticence to transition within a village to a higher needs area.

Our Resident Transition Service ensures that identified residents receive comprehensive information, advice and support to the benefits of transitioning to higher levels of care within a village, as well as the support to transition seamlessly.

We work with your Facility Managers, Sales Managers, Clinical staff, as well as residents and their families through this unique process, which demonstrates commitment to ageing in place within a village, and can improve occupancy rates.

Care Offering Development Program

Increase retention rates by offering best practice care at your facility

Residents are increasingly expecting to age-in-place. With a great care offering, you can increase your resident satisfaction level and in turn retention rate.

Our Care Offering Development Program involves extensive resident research to determine your resident’s care needs, perceptions and expectations. This market research is analysed and used to design a custom care offering unique to your facility.

Our Relocation Placement Service has been utilised by Facilities and Hospitals that are either closing, renovating or developing.

Aged Care Development Advice

High-level clinical advice to ensure your new build is fit-for-purpose

Utilise our extensive aged care knowledge and experience to ensure your new Residential Aged Care build is fit for purpose, and for the future.

We can provide high level advice around clinical best practice, [insert content].

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