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November 11, 2013
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Can you have your cake and eat it?

Dr Anthony French speaks at Heather Hill Pathways Seminar on Diabetic Management in the Elderly.

On Wednesday 11 December 2013 Heather Hill was proud to present Dr Anthony French as guest speaker at Heather Hill Pathways’ most recent aged care seminar entitled, ‘Can you have your cake and eat it?  A look at new trends in diabetic management in the elderly’.

Dr French is a leading Brisbane based consultant physician and geriatrician who specialises in the management of conditions such as diabetes, orthogeriatrics and polypharmacy in the frail elderly.  He is a fiercely passionate, entertaining and educational speaker who strongly advocates for quality of life when assisting his patients to make decisions regarding their treatment options.

The seminar was well attended by nursing staff from aged care facilities across the greater Brisbane region and the feedback from all attendees was extremely positive.

We would also like to thank the management team at the Prescare Vela aged care facility for the generous use of their auditorium and the complimentary afternoon tea that was provided to all attendees.

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